How NOT to Build Your Network Marketing Biz on Social Media

Let me lovingly let you know that network marketers can be some of the most annoying people online… It’s soooo sad but so true. And you’ve seen it too.

Now you should know by now that I have nothing against network marketing and actually believe it to be THE BEST form of entrepreneurship for the average person.

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4 Things to Stop Doing RIght Now!

  1. Private messaging random people on Facebook or Instagram. (below you’ll find a few funny pictures of REAL messages i’ve been sent in the last few months lol)
  2. Mass tagging people in posts about your products or opportunity. 
  3. Mass adding to groups and then incentivizing others to add others.
  4. Over promotional posts on your page. (these would include “buy this product here” or “join my team!!!”.


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Now for the funny pictures I promised you:








If you’re currently sending out any messages like this to random people you don’t know…

Please stop. It just won’t work… =)


Comment below with the funniest pitch you’ve received online from a random stranger! =)