65: Creative Ways to Build Your Business During the Holiday Months

I’ve seen SO many people use the holidays as an excuse to put their business building on hold. I’ve seen others use the holidays as a catalyst to rank advance and skyrocket their volume.

Which camp do you want to be in?

Here are 4 creative ideas to help you build your business going into the holliday months:

  1. Customer appreciation events
    • Do something special for your local customers. Putting on a fun recognition event for your customers can build community, loyalty and even increase your volume as you get people excited about using your products.
  2. Incentive to sign up 1 person
    • You may see some people slow down their efforts in building their business on your team, but that does not mean that your team as a whole can’t experience tremendous growth. Consider offering some special gift or incentive for everyone that signs up one new person onto your team in the month of December.
  3. Give products away as gifts
    • Your product can make a fantastic gift. Find creative ways to gift your product. Once people try it, they’ll probably be hooked for like.
  4. The pay it forward basket idea
    • This was a fun and unique idea we came up with as leadership. Find creative ways to get your products out in the hands of new people.

Choose to make this holiday season explosive for your team and your business!