66: 4 Ways to Get More People On Your Webinars

Webinars are a powerful tool to use to grow your business outside of your local area, and to reach those contacts and friends who just don’t like to leave the house. =)

You probably already know and believe that webinars are powerful but have a couple questions and things holding you back from being successful with them. Here are a couple that come up all the time for people:

I’m stressed out by the technology of webinars

If this is how you feel, I want to help you bridge the knowledge gap. Let’s get you in the know and empowered to use webinars. Here is the last episode I did on webinars (including step by step video tutorials of how to use Zoom): www.mattmindset.com/27

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How do I get more people to SHOW UP for my webinars?

This is another important topic. Here are 3 ways to get more people to your webinars:

  1. Invite your ‘home body’ or out-of-area friends – These are really the easiest people to get out to watch your webinar. They may even have been watching you on social media and already have interest in what you’re doing. Just make sure to NOT just tag them in a post or spam them with a registration link. Reach out personally first and see if they have interest and would be open. THEN send them your registration link =)
  2. Always have a webinar coming up – This is a powerful tip. If you always have a webinar scheduled, you can invite people you meet out and about, at booths or expos, or anywhere else. The power really comes in the fact that you can invite someone to a specific live event. It’s the same reason why you should always have a home presentation scheduled.
  3. Invite your team to invite their out of area friends – This may seem like an obvious one, but let me ask you, have you done a webinar for your team yet? =) If the answer is no, just realize that there are potentially hundreds of contacts that you haven’t yet empowered your team to effectively reach with your company’s message. Go out, set up a webinar and invite your team to invite their friends.
  4. Facebook ads – This one of my favorite ways to get my message in front of new people. The beauty of this method is that you can put your message right in front of your “ideal customer”. Facebook ads are awesome but you’ll also need to learn how to use them so you don’t waste a ton of money. But with a little training and even a small budget, you can get facebook ads working for your business.

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Keep rocking my friends!