68: How to Overcome Overwhelm

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Definition of Overwhelm

The literal root and meaning of the word overwhelm is engulfed or submerged. Have you ever felt like you are just drowning in things you need to do? Your plate is overflowing? Your to do list is never ending?

I have! And in today’s post i’m going to show you my simple yet powerful formula for overcoming overwhelm.

4 Steps to Get Out of a State of Overwhelm

Step 1 – Brain Dump
Get everything rolling around in your head out on paper! Everything you feel is overwhelming you. Every checklist item big or small, write it down!

Step 2 – Prioritize
What are the most important things on a scale of 1-5. Give every single thing on your list a number.
Next ask yourself, are there things you can delegate to family, team (help them step up into leadership), trade, or hire out?

Step 3 РSchedule 
Do a 168 hour calander (one week).
Put in your top priorities first and create a time block for EVERY activity you want to do. This even includes things like feeding your children, when exactly you are driving etc…
Slowly work in all of the items you can into your schedule. You may feel like this is too rigid, but trust me, you will love if once you get in the groove. The key for me has always been to also plan family or down time every day and week. This daily time is my time to be spontaneous and decide I want to go to the beach or go surfing etc…
Make sure that for your business you schedule your income producing activities! That means finding people to expose, presenting to people, and signing people up as customers or builders. Fill your schedule with these activities and you will build an empire!

Step 4 – Take Action!
By creating momentum and taking action you will feel the pull to create more and more. It will get easier with time and practice.

Bonus tip: Check off the things that are weighing on you the most FIRST!

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