69: How Bob Heilig Used Live Video to Explode His Personal Brand Online

I recently had the unique opportunity to interview Bob Heilig.

(full interview is available to our VIP members over at Online Network Marketing Mastery)

Bob Heilig Bio

Bob Heilig is known online as ‘Your Virtual Upline’. Bob is a million dollar earner inside the network marketing profession and has built an enormously successful personal brand over the last year. His focus is no longer on building a network marketing business but in coaching network marketers across many different companies to achieve success in their businesses. I highly recommend you check out Bob’s Website and his Podcast to dig into his training further.

In this interview Bob really pulled back the curtain on his success story in network marketing as well as exactly what he did to build a personal brand that in the last year alone has made almost a million dollars in revenue.

Using Live Video to Build Your Personal Brand

I consider Bob to be the king of live video. I personally first found him through Periscope. Bob drops enormous value almost every single day in his Facebook live trainings and shares in this interview how he’s used live video to catapult his new business into massive success. He also shares in this video exactly how YOU can start to become in authority in your space and start attracting people to you and into your business in a big way.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Bob. If you would like to listen to the full interview and learn more about setting up your personal brand CLICK HERE.

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