71: Why You NEED to Know Your Numbers in MLM

Do numbers stress you out? Every once in a while I talk to a builder on my team that says something like “I don’t want to stress about the numbers. I just want to let things grow over time.”

For me it’s actually more stressful for me to have a big goal but not have a clear roadmap of HOW to get there. Knowing your numbers should lower your stress level, not increase it. =)

Numbers Empower You to Know What Activities to Focus on For Growth

Results are really driven by the numbers! Ask yourself these questions:

How many new people did you talk to about your products or business this last week?

How many people did you invite to an event?

How many people did you present to last week?

How many people did you sign up last week?

What is your churn? (The number of people getting off an auto-ship order vs getting on)

Numbers Empower You to Know Where to Improve in Your MLM Skills And Be a Better Mentor


Example 1: If you or a team member are presenting to less than 5 people a week, you probably need to shift your inviting! Either you need to increase the number of people your inviting, or perfect your invitation if you are already inviting a lot.

Example 2: If you are someone on your team is resenting to 20 people in a week but only closing 1 or 2, you know to something in the presentation or close!

CALL TO ACTION: Think about your numbers for the last week and ask yourself honestly where your focus or skills need to change. =)