72: The Most Valuable Asset To Your Business

3 Things Health Habits You Probably Don’t Do Every Day:

1. Meditation

Epic blog post on the benefits of meditation: From Um… to Om – Understanding the Science of Meditation

Exercise – Focus your mind ONLY on your breathing. Breath in slowly for 5 seconds hold it for 3 and exhale for 5 seconds. Do this for 15-20 minutes keeping your mind as clear as you can, only focusing on your breathing.

2. Deep Breathing

Did you know you detox about 70% of your toxins through breathing? It’s the number 1 way we detox on a day to day basis. Concious deep breathing can releases tension, massages your organs, improves circulation etc…

3. Stay Fully Hydrated

To stay fully hydrated you should be drinking half your weight in fl oz. So me weighing about 210lbs I should be drinking about 105 oz per day of water! Most people don’t get enough..

The easiest way to make this happen is to start in your morning routine – drink a large class of water right after you wake up!

Besides these habits you should obviously have good nutrition, exercise habits, sleep levels, stress levels etc…

Remember that your health will either have a positive or negative effect on EVERY aspect of your life. Business, relationships, confidence and so much more!