When to Quit, When to Move MLM Companies, When to Persevere

Here are a few main points from today’s podcast episode:

When Should You Quit Your Network Marketing Business?

Too many people don’t have success in this model because they quit either too soon or too often. Let’s be real here and acknowledge that most people work hard for a few days then quit for the rest of the month because it is “hard”. If you want to be great, you need to become a master of yourself (Listen to episode 1 of the podcast), and you need to be consistent.

If you’re having a particularly difficult and emotional day, allow yourself to quit for the day, but then wake up the next day and enroll yourself back into your business.

Pro tip: A network marketing multimillion dollar a year earner once told me “If you don’t feel like quitting at some point during each day, you might not be working hard enough” then they followed up by saying that they set a rule for themselves in the beginning that they could “only quit for good, on a good day”. I’ll let you glean from that wisdom what you would like 😉

When Should You Switch MLM Companies?

This is such a personal question but i will say that in my experience, most people who switch companies, see less results in their second company than they did in their first. They leave because they think the grass is greener, and when it comes down to it, they see the same lack of results, get discouraged even quicker than the last time and quit.

You will see big leaders hop from company to company occasionally that are able to navigate the transition and have their group of loyal followers.

A scenario where I think it might make absolute sense to switch companies is if you just are not passionate at all about your products. Let’s say you are an avid rock climber, spend all your time with rock climbers, eat sleep and breathe rock climbing, and you find a rock climbing network marketing company. It might make sense for you to leave a skin care company to go join a company around your existing passions (if the market is big enough which it might not be for rock climbing lol, just an example).

When to Persevere?

Overall my friends, I invite and encourage you to persevere. To develop yourself and your skills! To be patient in your mindset but passionate and urgent in your action.

Listen to the full episode for more thoughts on this subject. =)


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