74: 5 Tips to Become a Better Network Marketing Mentor And Leader

1. Be the Example to Your Network Marketing Team

Be constantly engaged in the income producing activities.

People follow your feet not your lips. So if you want them to go to work, you go to work first. =)

If you are living each day out in activity mode doing those income producing activities, make sure that your team knows. You don’t want to show off or anything like that, but make sure to recognize yourself if you’re one of the top performers in the group. Be visibly active.

2. Create Resources & Leverage Systems Already in Place

Create a team call archive in your facebook group, or start a channel on youtube where you put videos of yourself answering the most common questions you get. This will save you a ton of time, and help leverage your influence as your downline learn that they can point others to your videos as well.

3. Be Willing to Take A Hit 

If there is a problem in your team, even if it did not start with you, don’t be afraid to be the person who takes the blame. A leader is willing to take a hit in order to save relationships are take the higher road by not placing blame on others.

4. How to Correct a Team Members Actions

If you want to give constructive criticism  to a team member, make sure that you praise them three times right before offering criticism. And before you correct someone ask them “are you open to feedback on ____” this will bring any awkward wall crashing down.

Last, when you do correct them so something like “I noticed _______, I think it would be so powerful if you did ________”. Never attack people, always offer suggestions. 😉

5. Empower Others

Don’t be afraid to push your little team children out of the nest and let them “grow their wings on the way down” as Les Brown teaches. If you’re teaching all of the classes or events for your team, you’re not going to progress very quickly.

Empower your team members to step out of their comfort zones and step up into independence.

I hope these 5 tips were helpful to you. Go become a rockstar leader in your Network Marketing company!


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