A Fixed Mindset vs A Growth Mindset

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As i’ve studied successful people i’ve come to see some consistent patterns of success. Tony Robbins teaches that success in anything is 80% Mindset, 20% Mechanics.

In this episode of the podcast you’ll learn about the difference between having a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset.

Here are a list of examples of the mindset of individuals that either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Obviously your goal should be the growth mindset 😉

Fixed Mindset: “I’m either good at it or i’m not”
Growth Mindset: “I can learn anything I want to”

Fixed Mindset: “If I fail, i’m no good”
Growth Mindset: “I learn from my failures”

Fixed Mindset: “I don’t like to be challenged”
Growth Mindset: “I want to challenge myself”

Fixed Mindset: “I feel like feedback is personal”
Growth Mindset: “I feel like feedback is constructive”

Fixed Mindset: “If you succeed, I feel threatened”
Growth Mindset: “I’m inspired by the success of others”

Fixed Mindset: “My abilities determin everythimg”
Growth Mindset: “My effort and attitude determine everything”

I hope these examples get you thinking. One of the most valuable things you can do is take a good look at how you think on a day to day basis. Understand that YOU have total control over your thoughts AND your results.

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