Can You Build MLM Online? Inside Our Latest Converting Funnel

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I LOVE learning and implementing new strategies to do online marketing and bring in customers and quality leads. Its important that no what social media channels you use or even what off line strategies you use, that you have a funnel that you can put your contacts through.

The beauty of a funnel is that it can educate and nurture your prospect and sometimes even convert the sale for you all on autopilot.

Getting people into the top end of your funnel is obviously one of the most important things to getting customers flowing out the bottom. There are a few different ways you can get people into your funnels. There are both paid and free options. Here are a couple we use regularly.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Local Booths / Expos
  • Cold Prospects (invite in casual conversation)
  • Your In Home Events 
  • ETC…


Here is a break down of the tools we use to set up our funnel. You can get a whole break down on this post:

09: Online Tools and Strategies to Build Your Network Marketing Business

After someone registers for our webinar we then send them the link to watch live if it’s scheduled for the future, or we send a link to the recording. Obviously this is done automatically with our autoresponder.

On the webinar presentation we spend about 80% of the time giving high quality education about our companies niche and products and at the end spend about 20% doing the close and answering questions.

While people will likely sign up as customers with you at the end of the webinar, some people will need a bit of time to think about it. We like to schedule at least 6 follow up emails to go out over the two weeks following the webinar.

Facebook ad copy for network marketers:

Step 1 – Start out with a question
Step 2 – Tell your story (past) – what you didn’t like about it
Step 3 – Share where you are NOW – how that’s different than where you were
Step 4 – “Let me show you how”

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