3 Tips to Set and Achieve Your Goals in 2017

I love going into a new year and setting fresh goals. Here are three quick tips to help you set and achieve your goals for 2017.

Tip #1 Set fewer goals

Remember that everytime you say “yes” to something you’re also saying “no” to other thing! Don’t overwhelm yourself with 10 new goals for every area of your life. Set a few intentional powerful goals for this next year.

Tip #2 Have clear priorities

What are YOUR priorities?

Never forget that your business exists to serve your life. Your life does not exist to serve your business.

Set goals outside of just money and business. Set goals for family, relationships, recreation, personal growth etc..

Tip #3 Play big

Once you have a few clear prioritized goals, take all out massive action to achieve them!

Remember that your soul will not be satisfied with you playing small so don’t be afraid to set BIG goals and then play BIG. =)

Finish 2016 strong and launch into 2017 with clarity, intention and massive action! =)

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