82: A Life of Legacy

Over the last week i’ve had multiple events happen in my personal life that have me thinking a lot about legacy.

Each of us when we leave an impact here on the earth. I’m passionate personally about making that impact as big and positive as possible. =)

On Christmas day 2017 (two weeks ago at the time of this episode) my Grandmother passed away. Her name was Sharol Joy Duffin Wilson. While at her funeral I was amazed at all the stories and legacy that this woman left on the planet. She raised 10 children has 48 Grandchildren and 68 Great Grandchildren! Talk about a legacy!

While at the funeral with a ton of family and friends I was amazed at all the stories that were shared from people with tears in their eyes or laughter on their face. This woman impacted SO many on such a DEEP level. (Thank you Grandma Sharol Joy. I miss you, and I commit to SHARE ALL JOY with the world like you did)

In the same week I also had the opportunity while visiting Utah to visit our upline in our network marketing company. This couple has a team of well over 1/2 million people and have built a business that has impacted millions in a positive way. Network marketing can really be an incredible way to leave a legacy and leave a mark on millions!

In both of these examples I noticed there were 3 common C’s that have helped them leave an impact on the earth.

Confidence – People admire and follow those who know where they are going! CHOOSE to move confidently towards your ideal life and legacy.

Conviction – There is always space for doubt if you let it take hold in your life. BUT legacy is created in conviction of specific ideals or philosophies.

Commitment – If my grandma had not served hundreds of people throughout her life, or not taken the time to cherish her children. the stories told would have been very different at her funeral. If our upline did not take MASSIVE ACTION in sharing the message of our company and products there is no way they would have built the business they have built and impacted so many in such a profound way.

These three attributes will do wonders for helping you solidify your legacy while on the earth.

Now the only question is… What will YOUR legacy be? =)

Have a great day and let’s make 2017 amazing together!

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