A Creative Blueprint For Instagram Success – [Online Network Marketing]

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Creative Blueprint for Instagram Success

For this specific account, I decided to build a niche specific account. Meaning it would be focused around a specific type of person. Since starting this account we’ve grown it to 39.7 Thousand Followers. Many of those followers have ended up being interested and even joining our network marketing company.

So how can you replicate this same success? Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a Niche – We chose Yoga Teachers. Here are my criteria for who you choose:
    1. People that you would like to hang out with
    2. That will naturally love and have interest in your products
    3. What are YOU interested in talking about long term?
  2. Serve Your Niche – We started with simple but fun quotes related to our niche. But you can choose anything that is:
    1. Education / Information
    2. Entertainment
    3. Some other kind of value
  3. Grow the Audience РHere are a few ways to grow your Instagram following:
    1. Use hashtags they would search for – look at an account similar to yours for ideas if you have no clue what to use!
    2. Maybe invest $100-$200 in ads to grow your base numbers.
    3. Create posts that they will tag others from your niche in! – ex: Tag your favorite yoga teacher in the comments below to show them how greateful you are for them.
  4.   Create a Lead Magnet РOurs was 10 ways to make more money as a Yoga Teacher
    1. The lead magnet should be a simple pdf download or video that fills a need people in your niche would LOVE to solve
    2. Make a way to work your company into the giveaway/lead magnet
    3. Invited them onto a phone call with you or a webinar to talk more about your products or opportunity.

And that’s really it! =)

I hope you got benefit from episode/post. If you did the only thing I want you to do is TAKE ACTION and experiment with starting your own niche Instagram account. =)


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