The Core Beliefs You Need to Master For Network Marketing Success

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that i’m passionate about mastering the mind. Our beliefs are foundation to every result we have in our lives. Today we’re going to cover 2 of the 6 core beliefs you need to master for success in your business.

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One very simple reason that your beliefs are so important for your success is that you will show up differently in your actions if you truly believe in what you’re promoting or offering people. And if you don’t truly believe in it, people just won’t follow you. People follow people who know where they are going!

So let’s dive into these two foundation beliefs. The two most important when you’re starting down your network marketing journey.

Belief in The Product!

Even if you ONLY had a strong belief in your companies products, you could very likely get the point where you’re earning your product for free!!! This is exciting news right?! Most of us are involve with the company that we’re involved with because we’ve either seen a huge benefit to the products in our own life or the life of someone else.

But what if you don’t have a strong belief in your products yet? Here are four ways you increase your belief fast!

  • Use the products every single day! Experience and personal testimony are powerful motivators! Don’t be afraid to invest in purchasing your companies whole line of products so you can really speak to their effectiveness.
  • Learn how your products work (within reason). Knowing a bit of the science or how your products work can bring huge confidence in your belief of the products.
  • Read testimonials every day (from your team or just others in your company). Nothing pumps me with more belief and motivaiton than reading about someone on my team or not who has had amazing results with our products. Seek out testimonials daily!
  • Give samples and ask for feedback – Listen to Episode 5 of the podcast all about The Hot Market Approach


Belief in Your Opportunity / Network Marketing

If you are earning a couple hundred dollars a month in your company but seem to be stuck, I can almost guarantee that you need to up your belief in the opportunity side of your company. When you believe that network marketing is an amazing opportunity for people, you’ll really start to convert and grow other builders. You need to not only believe in this model, but become passionate about it!

If you still feel hesitancy or resistance around network marketing here are four things you can do to build this belief:

  • Find and read business success stories/testimonials every single day
  • Reach out to a 6 figure earner in your upline or company to soak in their passion. Passion is transferable!
  • Go to as many events company events as you can. This is where you’ll make relationships with people who are not just having success, but rocking your business!
  • Read the Go Pro book!

Choose which of these things you’re going to start doing DAILY to build your beliefs! =)

Matt Hall

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