How Small Goals Create Big Change in Network Marketing

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Today’s episode is inspired by what i’ve learned from Todd Herman over the last couple years. Todd is a performance coach who has coached Olympic athletes and prolific entrepreneurs alike.

One of the biggest things i’ve taken away from his teachings about increasing performance is that the horizon line for the brain is 90 days. Meaning, when you sit down to set goals to improve or grow, you really should keep your goal window to 90 days or less.

Todd Herman’s three types of goals

Todd also teaches that there are 3 types of goals that you should be setting. Let me break them down for you according to my understanding.

#1 Outcome Goals

Your outcome goal is the overarching goal that you want to achieve. Simple enough right?

#2 Performance Goals

Performance goals are the action steps that you need to take to achieve your outcome goal. Essential it’s what you’re going to do.

#3 Process Goals

Process goals break down exactly how and when you’re going to do what you need need to do.

Make your outcome goals INEVITABLE!!!

So let me give you a simple yet practical example relevant to network marketing.

Outcome goal – add 2000 volume of sales into your organization this month
Performance goal – sign up 10 people with 200 volume each
Process Goals – Have 4 events with 10 people at each one with your typical 25% closing rate

Why making smaller goals is so crucial

Todd teaches that from a neurological perspective it’s imperative that you start by achieving small goals. Not only will you build momentum, but your brain will close feedback loops and increase your confidence level.

When you set AND achieve your goal you’re telling yourself you CAN! =)

So if you’re not achieving big things, a great focus for you might be to build confidence by setting smaller goals!

For example, to build your network marketing business you could set the goal to talk to 1 person each day! Pretty simple right? But as you take action you’ll grow in consistency and confidence.

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