How to Hit 6 Figures in Two Years Using Instagram

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Most trainers teach that you should not talk about your companies products specifically on social media. Overall I’m actually a fan of this strategy!

However I don’t like when people say that there is only one right way to do something when other ways are working great for people.

Kind of like that whole offline vs online debate for building your business. Which one works? Well of course they both do, IF they are done well!

Recently I interviewed a girl who DOES talk about her products openly on social media and is having huge success doing so. But she does so with class. =)

She built a 6-figure income with her network marketing company almost exclusively on Instagram.

Here are some of Michelle’s top tips from our interview:

Her Instagram Strategy For Network Marketing Growth

Michelle’s overall strategy in approaching Instagram was to post 1 epic post on her Instagram feed every single day. In over two years now, she has not missed a single day!

She uses her posts to create curiosity in those browsing on Instagram and then has them reach out to her via text, email or phone call to get them signed up as customers/builders.

Sound simple? It is! There are however some small things that she does that make a huge difference in attracting the right kind of person to her account.


  • Quality images really matter on Instagram. Don’t sacrifice quality!
  • Mix in lifestyle pictures and show that you’re more than just a product.
  • Hashtags really matter! – don’t use generic hashtags, look for hashtags that your ideal client would use and browse through!
  • Put your soul into your posts – facts tell stories sell right? So tell lot’s of stories.
  • Collaborate with people who have a following in your target market.


So you might be curious how duplication is happening on Michelle’s team. I sure was! Is everyone on her team doing what she does on Instagram?

She said that while certainly a few were, the vast majority where following her companies duplication system and having their primary success offline.

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If you want to rock your year, go rock your day first!