The 4 Greatest Lies of Success

Today is another episode inpsired by the book Mach II With Your Hair On Fire – Richard Bliss Brooke

These are the 4 Greatest Lies About Success:

Lie #1 – Desire Creates Success

“If you really want it bad enough you’ll make it happen” that’s what we often hear and tell others. But is it true? Not really…

“If your why is strong enough, you’ll find a way” Have you heard that one?

The truth my friends, is that desire without activity won’t get you anywhere AND even if you have a ‘why’ that inspires you to action, that doesn’t mean you’ll be engaged in the right activities!

My formula for success = Mindset + Skillset + Toolset + Massive Action

Lie #2 – Hard Work Creates Success

Network Marketing is about learning to use leverage. While hard work is admirable and will definitely improve your odds, it’s not enough to grind, grind, grind your way to success.

Getting a group started and increasing the productivity of that group is the name of the game.

Lie #3 – Being a Good Person Creates Success

Money doesn’t have a conscience. Being a good person is awesome! But it in no way means you’ll be successful. Definitely a key piece to the happiness puzzle though. =)

Lie #4 – Getting a Good Education Will Lead to Your Success

Formal education is great like the other things I’ve mentioned above. But it’s not a prerequisite to success like so many have had drilled into them while young.

I am obsessed with learning but live by the creed:

“Learning is not so much the filling of a bucket as it is the lighting of a fire”

Go light your fire!!! =)

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