How to Leverage Your Superpowers

Typically in the personal development world we focus a lot on how to get better, improve and grow ourselves to grow our businesses. While this is awesome I personally believe there is enormous benefit and value in focusing on our individual strengths.

If you haven’t checked out the book Strengths Finder 2.0 I highly recommend it:

In the book you’ll learn that a Strength = Talent + Investment

Talent is a natural way of thinking or behaving.

Investment is spending time and/or money to grow a specific skill.

When we get crystal clear on what our strengths are, we become more productive individuals and better team leaders.

Help your team members stay in their strengths

Doing this will help give them a sense of significance. we all feel good being valuable and valued contributors to the community

So if someone has the strength of being Strategic – maybe you assign them the topic of training on placements in your next monthly training.

If someone has the strength of Futuristic – maybe they train the team on creating vision boards.

If somone is Analytical – give them studies and spreadsheets to learn from.

If a team member is Competitive – have them design a team contest of some kind.

Helping people to really stay in their strengths will Increase retention, momentum and the positive attitude of everyone on your team. =)

I definitely recommend you grab the Strengths Finder book as a gift for the key people in your organization.

Move your business forward today!