Tool to Help You Come Up Will Killer Content Ideas

If you want to establish yourself as an authority online it’s going to happen by creating content.

That content could be anything from blog posts to social media posts, ebooks, lead magnets or a myriad of other things.

But often times when I talk to people about creating content, their number one objection is that they can’t come up with consistent ideas for good quality content.

Today’s episode is all about a tool that will help you come up with endless ideas for content that people have already proven to be the very best out there.

The tool is called:

Buzz Sumo is awesome because you can plugin a topic or keyword phrase and find the articles, blog posts, videos etc that have been shared the most online.

I don’t recommend that you use this to copy other content, but rather as an incubator for ideas!

Here are some examples of keywords I typed in and the results that came out:

Weight Loss Content Ideas:

  • 25 Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss That Take Less than 20 Minutes to Make
  • 5 Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Wight Loss
  • Why You Shouldn’t Exercise to Lose Weight Explained By 60+ Studies
  • Top 50 Weight Loss Recipes

Skin Care Content Ideas:

  • 8 Charts That Will Help You Become A Skin Care Expert
  • How to Replace Almost All Your Skin Care Products Using Coconut Oil

Energy Drinks Content Ideas:

  • Did you Know Your Energy Drink Contains Bull Urine and Semen?
  • Arizona Teen Dies After Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks


Head on over to and type in 5 different keywords related to your network marketing company and watch as ideas start to flow in.

You’re welcome! 😉

Over at Online Network Marketing Mastery we’ll be doing a series of training about creating viral content over the next couple months. One upcoming training is an Interview with Kevin Duy all about how he creates viral memes that travel through social media to hundreds of thousands of viewers.