Nobody Talks About This Simple Strategy… But Sometimes Placing Volume is a Great Move!

In network marketing, commissions and rank advancements are based around volume requirements.

As you build your business you’ll come across scenarios where you are only 200 in volume (as an example) away from hitting a new rank that would increase your payout by let’s say $500. Obviously the best way to go about rank advancing and getting to that next rank would be to sign up a new customer with a 200 order. However, if you get to the end of the month and haven’t been able to make that happen, wouldn’t it make sense for you to place an order of $200 to get that product plus $500 back in commissions?! Sometimes this makes sense. It’s not a strategy to plan on using, but just something to keep in the back of your head 😉

In this episode I share three rules to follow when considering placing volume under someone on your team:

Rule #1 – Always put people over profit

There will be times that you may not want to artificially inflate the check of someone on your team too early. Or maybe someone doesn’t feel comfortable with you placing volume on their account (usually they benefit in some way, so if you explain things well this shouldn’t happen). Remember that you are in a people first business model. The profit will come long term if you always put people first as you build your business.

Rule #2 – Always spend less than you make back

If we reverse the example above, obviously it wouldn’t make sense to spend $500 to hit a new rank just to get a $200 bonus back. In most companies they actually have a rule against this. If it were allowed, people would artificially hit a rank just for the recognition.. not a sustainable business practice.

Rule #3 – Follow your company rules

Don’t go trying to do this on your own. Make sure you’re working with your company. Most leaders are assigned an account manager or rep within the company once they get into a leadership position. Counsel with them and go through the proper channels if you’re thinking about placing volume.

I’m interested to hear your feedback and if you have used this simple strategy (or if it’s even allowed in your company). Leave a comment below and let’s chat =)