99: Using Product Giveaways and Drawings To Build Your Network Marketing Business=

Your product is your #1 tool!!! 

Boom!.. There you go. I just gave you the most important concept from todays podcast episode! Your product is POWERFUL!

Obviously you want to sell your product to get it into other peoples hands but sometimes dangling a little carrot helps them convert!

Giveaways, drawings and samples call all be delicious carrots..

Use your product as giveaways to get people to your events

Here are two lines that will definitely help you get people out to your events:

“We’re going to have an epic drawing for some free product”

“We’re limiting the number of attendees so it can be a more intimate experience. Can you for sure make it?”

People love free stuff and they love knowing that they have a high probability of winning. Giving away even just a product or two at your in person events can be a powerful way to get people there and excited about your message.

Use giveaways to grow your social media following

This strategy has been around for awhile and is working amazing to this day. Doing giveaways on your social media accounts in exchange for your followers taking action in specific ways is GOLD.

Here are a couple examples:

This first example is an example that my wife and I just did on her new account @oil.ninja.mama for our company:


Here is an example of a Lipsense giveaway. I specifically want to show you this example because it worked well, but i would also be cautious about this approach. I personally not a fan of having people tag a ton of people to get more entries. There are two reasons:

  1. It’s very likely to annoy people and I think as a profession we should be careful about turning people off.
  2. People will definitely tag their spouse, parents and a bunch of other people that probably won’t care about your product in the least.

So in my opinion it’s better to ask for people to share your post or tag a couple people that they feel would be most interested in your niche topic. Either way obviously this worked with 326 entries on it. =)

Here is an example of a Beachbody giveaway on Instagram.

Another benefit of doing giveaways is that its kind of a non direct way on social media to pick out who actually has interest in your product. If someone enters your giveaway you know that they at least have some interest. That could help you know who to reach out to with more education down the road. Remember, your products aren’t for everyone and that’s totally cool. =)


Using Giveaways to Generate Leads

There are a few different strategies I really like for giving away your product to generate leads. Basically instead of the social media approach above, your pulling in the name and email of the person for them to enter. The beauty of this approach is you can send an email announcing the winner and then offer a limited time promo of some kind to the rest of the people who entered.

I’ll be going more in depth into a killer viral giveaway strategy in episode 102 so stay tuned for that 😉

Giving Away Product Doing Collabs

Collab is short for collaboration… you probably already got that. But just in case 😉

A collab could be a croup givaway, you gifting a product to an influencer in exchange for a review or shoutout on their account or shoutout swaps if you want to do a post about their product and they do one about yours.

Collabs are really only great if the other person has an audience similar to your own.



SO those are a few tips for using product giveaways in your business. =)
Go take action!