This may be a tough question to face but I’m really serious about this.

Are you an asset or a liability to your own happiness and financial state?

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Without a doubt you are either your most profitable asset or your most expensive liability.

Think about your PHYSICAL BODY for a moment: How do you feel every morning when you wake up? Are you full of energy and vitality, or do you have to rely on a huge surge of will power just to get out of bed each day. Think about your energy and will power as a reserve that you are pulling out of throughout the course of each day. SO many people use up a huge amount of their reserve in their very first action in the morning. What if you felt healthy and alive every single morning? How do you accomplish this? I’m pretty sure you already know. Eat well. Exercise. Supplement. Do the basics to serve your body every single day.

Even financially your body could be costing you so much money. How much money would you SAVE in medical bills if you were more healthy? How much more money would you MAKE if you had a clear mind and the energy to pursue your higher goals and purposes in life with your whole heart.

My friends, I invite you to take an accounting of your life and how you are treating your MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF REAL ESTATE. How you are treating YOUR MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT.

Now let’s talk about investing in your MIND.. In my opinion every Network Marketer should be spending more money each month, investing into their personal development than they do on their autoship. How many personal development seminars did you go to last year? How many company events did you go to? How many courses did you buy? How many books did you read?

Do you realize that SO many people don’t even finish one book per year? You should be reading at least a book per month! You cannot draw on an empty well. Are you trying to inspire your team to improve themselves? Are you a good mentor and coach to them? What do you bring to the table? Investing in yourself will not only enhance your personal production but it will serve you as a leader. If you need a great list of books to read for your personal development, check out my resource page on

I hope you decide after reading this post to improve your life in some way. Are you going to take better care of your physical body? How about your mind? How and where will you start? What habits will you put into place?

If you would like some coaching and some help in setting up your Ideal Life. My wife and I run an online workshop every month to help people like YOU create a vision, set habits, create consistency, and create the mindset to start attracting their ideal life. To learn more about this workshop CLICK HERE.

My friends. Choose today to invest into yourself. You are worth it and your dreams are waiting.
Make today a fantastic day.
Matt Hall