Are you taking action, passive action or massive action?

In today’s quick training I break down the three types of action that you can and should be taking in your business on a regular basis.

Passive Action (good) – This includes setting goals, reading books, doing personal development, creating vision boards and all of other activities that are great to do, but are not direct income producing activities. While it’s good to set goals and plan, most people spend far too much time in this category of action and not enough in the others.

Action (better) – I’m putting income producing activities in this category. So this really is inviting, presenting and enrolling new customers and builders. These are the activities that directly influence your ability to grow your network marketing business.

Massive Action (best) – Massive action is like the description of action above but with a level of commitment that cannot be broken. Massive action is taking action UNTIL you get the result you want. Far too many people say “yeah I’m going to try _____ and see IF it will work for me.” It’s far better to just commit to the result and do whatever it takes for however long it takes.

So just take a little inventory of yourself and ask yourself how much time you’re spending in action and how much you’re spending in passive action. Are you truly committed to growth? What are you willing to do to achieve your desires? Are you ready to take massive action? Choose to hold yourself accountable to greatness!


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