Have you truly committed to achieving success in your network marketing business? In today’s video I share with you an analogy that will help you determine if you are truly committed.

I call it the Burn the Boats Analogy =)

As the story goes: In 1519, Hernán Cortés landed with some 600 Spaniards, 16 horses and 11 boats in the region that we call Mexico today. Their intention was to conquer and colonize the region. The riches of this part of the world were vast. You can imagine the fear in these 600 Spaniards at the thought of conquering a nation, with the knowledge that for the last 600 years many other conquerors with far fewer resources had attempted to take the Yucatan Península and failed.

Cortés was rather well known for his powerful speeches. He could provoke insane courage and confidence in large groups of men with nothing more than his voice, his words and his passion. But on this occasion he only spoke three words which would stir up his mens emotions more than any speech he had ever given. He said said “burn the boats”. 

And guess what they did? They burned the boats! Retreat was no longer an option.

Cortés may or may not have actually burned his boats, but he also wasn’t the first on record for taking this rash course of action.

About a thousand years before, one of the world’s greatest conquerors, Alexan­der the Great burned his boats when he arrived on the shores of Per­sia.  By doing this he was co­mmitt­ing completely to a victory. There are also stories of Greek com­man­ders who burned their boats to guar­an­tee vic­tory. Taric el Tuerto, also known as Tariq ibn Ziyad was one. He con­quered His­pania in 711, after burning his boats while facing an army with five times more warriors than he had.

If you’d like to read more about this strategy, check out Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War,

The purpose of this analogy is to understand the power of not letting yourself even entertain the thought of retreat or the idea of quitting. Don’t leave the back door open! Every high earning network marketer I have ever met has been able to tell me about multiple times in their business where it simply did not make logical sense to continue. They either had worked way longer hours on their business then they were being compensated for in the beginning, they had entire teams quit after years of supporting them with insane amounts of time and resources, or had some other seemingly crushing road block come up. In these times, they absolutely could have quit. Most people probably would have counseled them to quit. But they had burned their boats! They were completely committed no mater what it would take.

So what do you need to do to fully commit? To mentally burn your boats? People work with people that know where they are going and are committed. I have literally have people join my team and tell me that they watched me for two years to see if I was really committed to what I was teaching. That’s powerful!

I invite you to burn your boats. Drop any alibis you’ve been crafting as to why it’s not going to work for you, what you could say to others when you quit. Don’t let quitting even be an option.

BURN YOUR BOATS my friends. Have a blessed day =)