Today’s training is one that had significant impact on my business and my personal life.

As an entrepreneur I have always been driven by evolving as a person and growing in my businesses. I tend to get hyper focused on progress and getting to the next level whatever that might be. I think this is definitely a positive attribute, but I didn’t realize that in reality I was starting to adopt in my own life the mentality of cancer.

Let me explain what I mean

I truly believe that within each of us is a natural derive to evolve and improve. We are God’s highest form of creation and as such, I believe we are drawn to become creators ourselves. The problem arises when you start craving progress for the sake of progress. If you simply want to achieve more because it’s what you do, you’re going to reach level after level of success and find in that level the same dissatisfaction you had at the last.

I’m not discouraging growth by any means. But I want to invite you to look at your goals and achievements and do two specific things:

  1. Dig deep and discover why you want to reach that next level. Not only will this create a higher level of motivation in you as you strive for your goals, but when you reach them you’ll be able to feel a sense of satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I see so many people start to treat progress as the goal. I think this can be dangerous. In my experience, when I take the time to dig deep and find a deeper meaning for my progress it actually comes much quicker. (If you haven’t already you should check out the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek)
  2. Reward yourself in some way when you achieve each new level. At one point in my network marketing company my wife and I hit one of the first big leadership ranks in our company and two seconds after we hit it, I turned to her and my upline and said “okay now on to ______ rank”. There was joy and exhilaration but no deep sense of gratitude. We had a great conversation shortly thereafter and I realized that I was acting like cancer. I now incorporate both a daily gratitude ritual in my life, and specific forms of celebration (these don’t have to be big) when I reach a goal.

I hope this was valuable to you. Live with PURPOSE. Live with GRATITUDE. You will attract far more into your life, and build a life that doesn’t just excite you, but really fulfills you.

Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Make it a great day!


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