Building Your Network Marketing Business Internationally

Should you build your network marketing business internationally?

Well the truth is, that as you develop your team and expand you will inevitably have an international team (as long as your company has it as an option). We live in a world that is so small and so inter connected that you are literally just a couple connections away from most countries in the world! 

Today’s podcast is more about what level you choose to play at in the international marketplace.

My advice to 95% of people who ask me about building internationally is to focus almost exclusively on building locally first and to let their business expand out organically into other markets.

But I also know there are some crazy people out there like me who love to travel and just can’t get enough! haha

What do you need to successfully build internationally?

I believe it’s important that you are willing to show your face online? is my favorite long distance team building tool.

You should also have a willingness to travel to train and support as your team grows? When you are face to face with people it creates a deeper level of trust.

Here is one Youtube video of mine explaining just one strategy for building internationally. Hope it helps. =)

Should you build in a country that’s not yet open yet for your company?

Lot’s of people come to me and ask how they can get their company to open a new market. I’ve been building in a country that my company is not open in for over a year and half now (luckily it’s opening in about 2 months). But here are a few tips:

Tip #1 Wait till you’re in the leadership ranks of your company. It will take an investment on your part.
Tip #2 Ask the founders of your company if they have a plan for opening in that market. If it’s not on their radar it probably shouldn’t be on yours.
Tip #3 Make sure that you have a solid leader on the ground before you start putting a lot of time into the market.
Tip #4 Position yourself by creating market specific content on searchable platforms like YouTube RIGHT NOW!
Tip #5 Under promise and over deliver to those in the market. Never promise a timeline for opening officially until your company has officially announced it.

Overall I recommend that you focus on growing in your local market in the beginning and let your business organically expand. If you’re already a leader in your company you can be a bit more aggressive in your expansion if you choose. 😉

If you have any questions on this topic, i’d love to help. You can reach me at

All best!