A month or so ago my father in law came to me and challenged me to run a 50 mile ultra marathon this year.

My initial response was YOU’RE CRAZY!.. and then I started to think about it…

I’m the kind of person, that if you challenge me to do something other people think is hard I’m going to stir over the idea until I finally decide I’ll go for it. Not sure if that is a blessing or a curse but here I am. Decided to run 50 miles in a row in the middle of the summer in the mountains of Utah.

One of the reasons I thought it would be perfect to set out and accomplish such an intense goal is that I could document my journey here and everything I learn about the importance of mindset in doing things you’ve never done before.

So let’s talk about consistency in network marketing

In today’s video I share what I’ve learned so far about the importance of being consistent! And this totally relates to network marketing. For the last couple weeks I’ve been running at least 5 miles a couple times a week. Runners say that whatever you have trained to do consistently, you can actually do double that amount. So today I decided to run for two hours and see where I landed. I ended up running 12 MILES! Amazing! It totally stretched my belief in my ability to run the 50 in the summer. All i’ll have to do is run a little over 4 times what I ran yesterday.

Now, thinking about your network marketing business, if you learn to be consistent in your efforts you’ll be able to grow in your capacity. For example if you dedicate yourself to contacting 2 new people a day to share your products with them, you’ll get really good at always contacting 2 people. Then if you want to see more results, there’s no reason why you can’t stretch a little and double that amount! You could start contacting 4 new people per day and slowly work your way up. Master an amount, then scale. Master then scale, master then scale, master then scale,

The power comes however in the CONSISTENT effort you put in. If I had just tried to go out and run 12 miles when I started my training I probably would have had a much harder time.

So get consistent in your daily method of operation. Get consistent in doing the income producing activities. Then after you’ve mastered a daily routine, go out and stretch how much your doing.

Have a great day!

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