1-on-1 Private Coaching With Matt

Hey friend,

If you’ve found this page it’s because you’re considering private coaching with me.

First off i’d like to thank you for the trust that implies you have in my ability to help you expand in your skills and your network marketing results. I truly enjoy the process of coaching and am excited to work with you in taking your business to the next level! 🚀

Now, I rarely share this page openly because while coaching is very rewarding it’s also frankly the way that I earn the least amount per hour in my businesses.. I value my time at $500 per hour but have tried to significantly drop the prices below to make coaching accessible to you.

I used to offer a free 15 minute call to see if it would be a fit to work with coaching clients but the demand got so high I had to stop doing these sessions and reserve my time for people who already know they want to work with me on some level. I apologize if you’ve heard me make this offer on my Podcast and were hoping to take me up on it. It’s simply become impossible which is both bitter and sweet. 😅

My specialty is definitely in coaching network marketers who want to create or enhance their personal branding/online marketing strategies for their business. That being said, some of my clients come to me exclusively for mindset or accountability coaching as well.

Below you’ll find my first time client in-depth 1 hour strategy session as well as Marco Polo Mentoring which is a new medium i’ve been using with a few clients and am really enjoying. =) Spaces are limited, if the buy buttons are missing it means that that specific coaching option is currently full and you can check back in the near future or contact me to get on the wait list for the next opening.

If you’re looking for my premium coaching where I actually work IN your business for 6-8 weeks helping you build out your brand presence, funnels, content strategy, automation etc… your first step is to schedule a 1 hour strategy session so we can both see if going deeper together will be a good fit.Â đŸ‘ŠđŸ»

All coaching is done face to face either through Marco Polo (video messaging app) or through Zoom. I get bored and can’t focus with normal phone calls plus I want to see your face and build a real relationship. 😉

I honor you for making the choice to invest in yourself by shaving time off your learning curve and i’m excited to work with you!

Private 1-on-1 Coaching

In Depth Strategy Session
  •  The goal of this session is to dive deep into what you’re already doing in your business (online) and create a customized game plan for your business.
  •  As soon as you have made your payment please fill this coaching prep form with well thought out answers to all the questions so I can prepare well for our time together.
  • In preparation for our strategy session I commit to spend at least 1 full hour researching what you’re already doing as well as researching your network marketing company and target demographic to be able to give you the best customized advice for your company and situation.
  • This session is 1 hour of pure strategy and actionable guidance.
I'm ready!

Inexpensive Programs

Online Strategies to Start Your Success!
  • In this Udemy course you get some of my very best online strategies for network marketing distilled down into a quick and easy to implement training format. Over 2000 people have taken this course and loved it!
Check it out now!

*** I do reserve the right to turn an individual down if I don’t feel we are a good fit to work together. In this situation you would receive a full refund.***