Today’s suggestion is a simple but powerful one. If you are trying to boost your belief that YOU can have success in network marketing I recommend that you surround yourself with as many people who have achieved what you want as possible.

Something happens in your mind when you hear success story after success story. It’s like it starts to plant a seed of belief in you, that you too can do what they¬†have done. The truth is, there is someone out there in almost your exact circumstances or worse that is succeeding in network marketing despite those circumstances. You can too!

So how can you surround yourself with these success stories on a consistent basis? Go to as many company events as possible. Spend as much time as you can listening to those who are having success, then simply model what it is they are doing. If you don’t live close to company or team events pick up one of your companies leadership magazines and read one success story per day. Watch one success story video each day.

Beliefs are rarely shifted for good with one massive event or experience. The mind is¬†usually molded as you expose it over and over and over to what you want it to believe. There are many tools to build your beliefs and if you want to master the 6 core beliefs that you are going to need, to have long term success in network marketing check out my free audio training below. If you want further support with your beliefs we have an awesome online monthly workshop to help you really craft a success mindset. Reach out if you’re interested in that online event and I’ll hook you up with the details. =)

Have a fantastic day my friends!