Don’t Let Pikachu Steal Your Dreams

How Pokemon Go Relates to Network Marketing

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, I’m sure you’ve seen the EXPLOSION of Pokemon Go. SOOO many people have grabbed this app and are roaming the streets playing the game and having a ton of fun. Personally, I think it’s awesome!

Do I think people are probably obsessing a little too much? Absolutely! But at the same time, life is meant to be enjoyed. I’m not using the app yet, but the 10 year old version of me is screaming at me to dig in and catch em all!

I do want to invite those of you who are in Network Marketing and also loving Pokemon Go to not only watch your priorities and not let the game become too much of a distraction, but I think you should even use the App to grow your network and business! Why not right? We’ll talk about how in a minute.

First off, just take an inventory of your life and what your priorities are for the future. If you are not putting a large amount of time into your highest priorities, it’s probably time to ease back a little on your Pokemon Go time, your Netflix time, and anything that could serve as a distraction.

Realize that FOCUS has power! 

F O C U S !!!

One of the lessons I’ve been reminded of while watching this social phenomenon is that PASSION is transferable! This app has grown to within just a few days already making over 1 million dollars PER DAY in in-app sales! That’s crazy. And the reason it’s grown so quickly is because the excitement level of its users has been tangible and it’s passed from person to person like a fire surrounded by dry wood.

Do you realize that YOUR PASSION about your products and opportunity are the key to creating momentum in your business? Do you realize that you’re surrounded by people just waiting to be lit on fire by YOUR INFLUENCE?!

Get passionate my friends! Tell your story and others will feel the passion, absorb it, and pass it on to their contacts and connections and momentum will be yours in your network marketing biz!

The other lesson is to realize how social media can create buzz for a business! This includes for your network marketing business. If you are interested in learning how to correctly create buzz and attract people to join your business and products through social media subscribe for these free online trainings HERE.

USE Pokemon Go to Build Your MLM Business!

The last tip I want to give here is for those of you who are out there playing Pokemon like crazy! Do you realize that you’re in the middle of a huge opportunity?!

People are literally walking the streets being more social than ever before! If you are in network marketing your “JOB” is to collect friends! So if you’re out there playing, make sure you are making connections with people, add them on Facebook, start to create a real relationship with them and then when the time is right you can introduce them to your products and or opportunity!

So get out there and make some new friends while you catch them all! =)

Matt Hall

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