Doorway vs Destination Mindset – Network Marketing Pro Mindset

Here is a little mindset tweak that will help you become a network marketing pro.

Before they understand this concept, most people who work in a network marketing or really any type of sales environment see people as targets. I know I did. They have a destination mentality, almost as if the person they want to get involved has a target on their back. Don’t get me wrong this totally comes out of good intentions. They truly know that their products or opportunity could be life changing for their friend.

The problem is that when you hold a person in your mind as just a destination, you are often coming from a scarcity mentality. Without even intending you might come across as desperate or needy. It is so much more powerful and attractive when you are coming from a place of abundance. Truly having the intention to serve, but without an attachment to the outcome.

The mindset of a network marketing pro

A network marketing pro will have the mindset and ability to see people as a doorway instead of a destination.

Every single person who says no to you could be a doorway to someone who says yes. But you have to reach out and open the door. This is as simple as asking for referrals.

The same concept applies to people that are already on your team. Some people only work with the “runners” on their team. Of course I think it’s important to spend the most time and effort on those who are putting in effort themselves. But too often I see people in network marketing not take care of their customers or casual builders. Every person on your team is a valuable asset to the team. If you take care of them, they will continue to put in effort and you never know who that one person they sign up might be and what THAT person will go on to build.

I hope this mindset shift serves you and your team. Go out and open some doors today 😉

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