Fear (Part 2 of 3) Excuses – Network Marketing Training

In yesterdays video and blog post we talked about how fear is really just an irrational thought about an action that if we took, would actually greatly serve us. Everything that we truly want is on the other side of our fears. We talked yesterday a little bit about how to shine a light on your fears and start to logically recognize that they are irrational. That first step will make overcoming your fears SO much easier.

In today’s video training I talk about how sometimes we start avoiding situations where we might feel fear completely on autopilot. We do this because feeling fear is uncomfortable. A lot of us might even have a fear of feeling fear. How silly is that?! Fear is really just a physical experience. It’s a higher heart rate, muscle tension etc…

Overcoming excuses by exposing the underlying fears

Have you ever made excuses yourself, or heard excuses come out of others mouths in your network marketing experience? I’m willing to bet you have.. At least once or twice.. When you’re looking to help people overcome their limiting beliefs and their excuses, it’s so valuable to recognize that underneath EVERY excuse you could hear are probably totally unrelated fears. We all make up excuses to avoid situations where we might feel fear.

For example have you ever heard these lines: “I’m not sure if this is for me”, “I need to learn more about how the product works first”, “I’m confused”, “I don’t know how to do it”, Does the product really work” etc… These are almost always just fear avoiding excuses. Any lack of commitment probably stems from an irrational fear that if they just shined a light on, they would realize is either really dumb, or totally not going to happen.

So as you’re coaching people on your team, or as you’re coaching yourself. help people expose the underlying fears. Ask them “So you’re saying that you feel like you don’t know if this is really for you, are you willing to dig a litter deeper with me and see why that is? I just want to make sure we’re approaching this decision with total clarity” See how non threatening that is?

Help people understand that beneath their excuses are unapproached fears. Invite them step into the dark in curiosity and to shine a light on their own fears and expose them as irrational and you’ll be well on your way to helping them overcome those fears. You can do the same for yourself.

In tomorrows video and post we’re going to talk about how to actually overcome your fears. Stay tuned!.

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