Overcoming Fear (Part 3) – Network Marketing Training

Hello and welcome to video training #3 about fear. If you haven’t watched video 1 or video 2 make sure to go check them out before going through this one.

So far we’ve exposed that really most of our fears in business are irrational. We’ve learned about how excuses are really just a way to avoid feeling fear. When you peel back the excuses, then shine a light on your fears, you can expose them as the irrational thoughts that they are.

Now how do you overcome your fear? Well if you’ve done the first part it’s going to be a hundred times easier. The truth is that there really is no way around your fears, you can’t bypass them, you can’t make them disappear. The only way past them is to go THROUGH them. There’s a famous book called Feel the Fear and do it Anyway and THAT is the attitude you need to have. If you struggle with a lot of fears I highly recommend you check out this book.

When you look at successful people, they really have the exact same amount of fears that you do. They just don’t linger in their fear. They learn how to act in spite of their fears. After doing this time after time after time you start to gain momentum. That’s way it may not look to you like successful people feel fear. They’ve grown themselves and shrunk their fear by feeling it, accepting it, but then doing it anyway.

Remember that everything you truly want is on the other side of the actions you’re afraid to take. I invite you to grow yourself. I invite you to gain fear punching momentum in your life. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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