In today’s video you’re going to learn the most effective way to get more people to finally start buying your network marketing products from you.

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One of the questions I get asked the very most, especially when it comes to building a network marketing business using social media is this:

“Matt, how can I get more people to buy from me?”

Often we feel it’s our job to manipulate or find just the right phrase or script that’s going to get people to buy from us. What i’ve found to be more effective than any script out there is to use story telling to create emotion in people.

Selling Through Emotion vs Logic

99% of the time we ourselves bought into our network marketing companies products or business because of an emotion we felt. Think about why you decided to join your company or purchase for the first time?

Often someone told a success story and we felt HOPE or another emotion that drove us to make a purchase.

What is fascinating is that while we buy from emotion we justify using logic.

So what often happens to network marketers as an example is they get super excited about the products after they’ve purchased and try to learn all the science possible to justify their purchase and to deepen their understanding. Then when they decide to sell that product, they lead with all the logic centered info that they’ve been studying while forgetting that it was a story and emotional experience that first led them to buy.

I share more in depth in the video above. Enjoy. =)