How to Build an International MLM Team


If you’re anything like me, you LOVE to travel and LOVE the idea of being able to build an international team with your company. There are a couple things that are amazing to me about how accessible it truly is to build internationally.


1. No matter what it’s going to happen if you just.. don’t.. stop!

If you just continue to put in the effort and the energy to build locally, you’re team will eventually expand internationally. Just this last week someone joined our team in Germany that is a friend of the cousin of a builder that is on my aunts 3rd level! haha That is just one example that I thought was kind of fun. But as you share your products and build your team, you’ll quickly realize that everyone knows someone that lives in a different country. Even if you don’t actively pursue building internationally, get ready, it’s coming!


2. You can actively reach out to people and build internationally using social media!

Our world is shrinking more and more as we become better and better connected through social networks. You literally hold in your hand, probably for the majority of the day, one of the most valuable assets to building your business. Your phone!

Here’s an example of a goal you could set: Reach out daily to 3 people per day on Instagram and simply start up a conversation. Start a friendship! This is not the time to pitch your products or ask them if they want to partner with you! Just start to develop a friendship with them and let the conversation flow naturally. Then if you see a natural opening to offer your products or business as a solution to a problem they have in their life, do it! If you don’t, just let them add you as a friend and follow your life for awhile. Continue to stay in contact and when there is a good opportunity to share what you’re doing, share away!

You do not have to pressure, you do not have to hype, you just need to become their friend and offer them a way to improve their life when it is appropriate.


There are many other ways to build your business online and expand into international markets. If you want to check out my free bi-monthly webinars on how to build your business online check out  

Keep rockin!