Network marketing is very much a personal development business. If you go to any large event put on by your company you’re going to find that a large chunk of the time will be set aside to elevate your level of thinking and raise your belief. This is SO important.

In todays video I share a unique strategy for elevating your level of thinking, elevating the types of people you interact with, and lifting your belief to new levels. If you haven’t already, watch the video above..

Anytime you can surround yourself in more luxury type places, you’ll start to find yourself thinking on a higher level.I have found that when I am in these types of environments I have better ideas, bigger ideas. I find I start to meet more professional individuals. And ultimately I begin to see myself in those environments more easily. If you feel uncomfortable experiencing really nice things, you might need to work on the belief that you deserve those things.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go and spend enormous amounts of money to start thinking bigger. Although I would spend extra money on your personal development every month!

What if you went to the lobby of a really nice hotel to set your goals? What if you went to a nice restaurant with your team. What if you found a million dollar earner in your upline and asked to go to one of their home events? Get creative. What locations in your local area make you feel a little uncomfortable because they are really nice? Where can you start to associate more often with people that are thinking bigger than you are?

It’s a simple thought, but one that I think could really help you out. =)
Have a great day!