Have you met someone in your network marketing company that can recruit total strangers with ease? Do these people just have super powers or something?

No they have mastered one thing. The art of connection! If you can learn how to make deeper connections with people and then simply ask if they are open to learning more about your products or opportunity, you’ll start to schedule more appointments.

So how do you make these deep connections in a first encounter? Here is a simply acronym to help you know what to talk about with people:

F. O. R. D. 

F – Family – People love talking about their families. Ask people questions about their family and you’ll find they start to open up. Do you think they’d like to spend more time with their families? Could your business opportunity help them with this?

O – Occupation – Jobs are a HUGE part of most peoples lives. Some people take great pride in what they do. Others… are looking for something else 😉 .. That’s your in with your opportunity! Remember to ask “Are you open to learning more about _____”

R – Recreation – Ask people what they like to do for fun. What would life be like if they had more free time to spend doing what they enjoy? See how that works?

D – Dreams – It’s rare that people have a chance to reflect on and express what their dreams are. This is a great way to make a deep connection with someone.

In short, if you want to be able to sign strangers up in your MLM business, understand that deep conversations lead to deeper connections. With a deeper connection you can then ask people if they are open to learning more about your product or business opportunity.

Make it a great day!