Are you achieving your goals in your network marketing business?

If not, watch this video. It will help you set incremental goals and create a pattern of success and achievement.

If you are, you need to set higher goals… =)


In today’s blog post we’re talking about goal setting in your network marketing business.

Goal setting is a topic that many people consider to be dry. Some even consider it painful to set goals. Why is this?

First off, people have been teaching goal setting the same way for decades (have you ever heard of SMART goals?…). Where is the freshness people?! Goal setting should be a spiritually fulfilling, enriching and fun process.

Second, if it is not a spiritually fulfilling, enriching and fun process, you’re either not dreaming big enough, or you’re setting super vague goals in hopes that they will somehow lead you towards the promised land of success. When you don’t see improvement you start to slowly drown in an anxious pool of perceived failure.

So what is the solution?

Incremental achievement… (pause for effect)
– okay wipe that blank stare off your face and let me explain –

The truth is that setting crazy outlandish goals for yourself can actually be a negative thing. Todd Herman teaches about the horizon line for the brain, which studies have revealed is 90 days. So your mind can’t really comprehend a goal in specificity if it is more than 90 days away. Does that mean you shouldn’t have a long term vision of who you want to be and what you want to achieve? Of course not. But as fas as specific goals that you can map out step by step, stick to 90 days.

The other cool thing is that when you set smaller goals and achieve them you are actually neurologically and psychologically closing feedback loops in the brain that tell your subconscious mind that you are successful and capable of achievement! Even setting small goals that you are achieving will help you close those feedback loops and you’ll see a huge increase in confidence. And we all know that people follow those who are confidently moving forward in pursuit of their dreams. Become someone others WANT to follow!

Personal Story: I am naturally a very visionary person. By that I just mean that I set crazy far out goals and believe that anything is possible. Then I put my head down and work like an ox until I make some progress. This approach drives Seantay, my wife, a little crazy. She naturally appreciates the value in breaking down big goals into small incremental goals. She has taught me how to create daily routines that can compound over time to massive success. She is right on the mark when it comes to healthy goal setting!

So back to setting goals in your mlm business. Todd Herman teaches that you should create 90 day goals and break them down as follows:

Outcome Goals: This is a goal of what you want to achieve in the next 90 days. Maybe it’s hitting a new rank or income goal, or personally sponsoring a certain number of people and bringing in a certain number of volume. (this is where I used to stop with my goal setting and just work like crazy)

Performance Goals: For every outcome goal you should set and write out 3 performance goals. You do this every two weeks. So if I had the goal to personally enroll 30 people into my business in the next 90 days, I would set 3 activity related goals that if I did them, the outcome would basically be inevitable. So I might set a goal to make 10 new connections per day. I might make a goal to invite 5 people a day to learn more about my business or product/service at an event or in a 1 on 1. I might make the goal to personally host 2 events per week with at least 10 people in attendance each. See how this works? Get as specific as you can and reevaluate these goals every 2 weeks. Here you are really focusing on the activities that will make the biggest difference in getting to your outcome goal.

Process Goals: To make sure that you actually execute on your performance goals you need to set yourself up for success with process goals. With these goals you’re stating the WHO WHAT WHERE and WHEN for your daily action towards your performance goals. For example, I set the goal in the performance goals section to make 10 new connections per day. A process goal would be something like this: I will go to a gym every day and talk to at least 5 new people per day and get their contact info for future follow up. To do this I might say something like “Hey I really enjoyed meeting with you. I’d love to connect up with you another time and talk more about _____ (your topic of conversation) can I get your phone number or connect on facebook?”. Then I’d set another process goal to talk to 5 other new people via local Meetups, networking events, sports events, and really anywhere you like to hang out. The important thing is breaking it down so that each day you are doing the activities that will drive your performance goals and ultimately make your outcome goals INEVITABLE!

Cool process right?

Now for those of you who are like me you’re saying “wow this seems tedious”. I won’t lie, it can feel that way at first for those of us who just love to spend our time up in the clouds with our lofty visions. But really going through this process will ground you and set you up for success. Without a process like this people rarely execute on their vision. You need a daily plan of action.

I hope you got a lot of value out of this post. Please leave a comment below if you did, I’d love to hear how you’re going to implement this process moving forward in your business.


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