How to Shift Team Culture in Network Marketing

Is there anything about the culture within your team that you would like to shift? In network marketing you are really leading a volunteer army! What this means is that compelling people to act is rarely a viable option. Do you want your people to complain less and work more? Do you want them to be more positive? Do you want them to improve certain skills? Do you want them coming to company events? Here are a couple thoughts for you…

My invitation to you is to follow these three steps over and over in your group.

1. Establish a solid coaching relationship with your team. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to people on your team and give them recommendations and advice without them feeling defensive or attacked? Well you can literally train up your team to be open to coaching. This is one of the most important things if you want to help people grow themselves as they grow their business (which is really going to be vital to their success). Really to have this kind of relationship you need to have peoples TRUST. So don’t necessarily rush to fast into “I’m your coach and you should listen to me” mode. Make the fact that you are personally growing and working on your OWN personal development a public thing. Show people that you are humble and learning and you’ll see them soften up to the idea of receiving coaching from you. Another tip is to always ask the question “are you coachable?” or “are you open to some coaching on this?”. For some reason when we receive un expected advice from people, we naturally have the tendency to defend ourselves like we’re boing attacked. So help people choose into coaching. Using that simple question before you ever give advice will help others open the door to let you in. If they say they’re not open. Drop it. Seriously just don’t offer the advise until they are ready.

2. Use coaching language. A good example of this is when people are spinning in their negative stories with you. Have you ever had someone just complain and complain? A short little rant may be a nice release, but usually focusing on the negative really only perpetuates negative energy and negative results. So next time someone does this with you turn the conversation around to the positive by simple asking “what is it that you want?” or “what outcome are you wanting to create here?”. This will get people out of story telling mode and into solution finding mode. This alone could save you hours of your life haha. From there coach people into ACTIONS that they can do to improve their situation.

3. Use tools to support you as you coach your team. On this trip we learned a lot about using “The Work” by Byron Katie. You can look up some examples of her work on YouTube. Using simple third party tools and processes to coach people through their blocks and limiting beliefs will not only be more effective, but it sets up the stage for duplication. If you can help people with a tool, they can help someone else with a tool. See how that works? It’s simple yet effective and doesn’t set you up as the expert, which can be a great advantage when team building. I’ll most likely teach more about Byron Katie and her methods in future posts so look forward to that!

My friends, Critisism is really never constructive. Instead, offer love, advise, ideas, suggestions, invitations and inspiration. I hope you use some of these ideas to create a solid culture of coaching in your network marketing teams.

Have a fantastic day!