My Message to the Average Person in Network Marketing

Today I just want to breathe a little bit of belief into YOU. =)

One of the things that I love, and at the same time dislike about our profession of network marketing, is that at times we tend to shine the spotlight the brightest on the people who are growing the fastest. Companies and distributors do this in part to inspire us to take action. I myself do this to show people on my team how others are succeeding by putting in the extraordinary effort. But one of the downsides of this spotlight is that at times it can make the average person in network marketing feel like they are failing if they don’t have explosive growth.

Do I believe in setting high goals? Absolutely!

My wife and I set the goal to be Diamond distributors in our company which on average earns around $16,000 per month. Our goal was to hit it in 1 year. Now that was an awesome goal! Had people achieved it? Yes, in fact many people have. Did we? No. We are actually three years in and still haven’t hit it. We are currently one rank away.

Are we bummed? Absolutely! But are we broken? Absolutely not!

If it is taking you longer than you want to reach the levels of success you crave, DO NOT STOP. Realize that any growth is good growth in network marketing. You WILL create the residual income you want. You WILL impact thousands of lives if you just keep going. Being committed means that you’re going to do whatever it takes to succeed. That includes for however long you need to keep at it!

If you are not an overnight success story like many of the stories you hear, just realize that you don’t have to be to see the success you want. My wife and I have been living on our network marketing income for the last three years. We have build a great residual income of thousands of dollars a month by continuing to move forward each and every day in our business. We have a great lifestyle and are building towards a brighter and brighter future.

I believe that ANYONE can succeed in this profession. YOU are no exception. Just keep moving forward. Keep taking action.

I hope you have a beautiful day full of belief in yourself! Let positivity be the lens you choose to see your life through. =)

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