When I first learned this truth, it was actually a little bit painful for me. Why? Because it took away ALL the excuses I was making for not having success and moving forward in my network marketing business.

The simple truth is that: One mans excuse is another mans fuel. 

This simply means that the very reason why you think you CAN’T have success, is the reason someone else WILL have success. BOOM, I just blew your mind.. maybe haha let’s keep talking.

What excuses have you heard when people are first looking at starting to build an mlm business?

“I don’t have the money to start an MLM” – Okay yeah I get that, money might be tight but guess what? This is a way TO make money. If you don’t have the money to buy a couple hundred dollars worth of a product you really want, or invest into starting your own business, then you are THE person network marketing was made for! Hundreds of thousands of people before you have looked at their bank accounts and said “I don’t have the money to start an MLM” and that’s exactly why I am going to.

“I don’t have the time to build an MLM” –  Okay yeah I can see that, you’re a busy person like me… and everyone else on planet earth. =) Do you realize that there is someone just like you out there, probably busier than you who used that same line as their fuel to build a life of time freedom? You can too!

“I’m too old to build an MLM business” – Why do you think that? You could say “I’m old and that’s why I should build this business”. 2/3 of baby boomers currently have less than $1000 in savings. Do you think you can find some people in your circle of influence that need a business opportunity? Yes.

“I’m too young to build an MLM business” – This is an excuse I personally had to overcome. My wife and I started building our business at the age of 22. You can think of a million reasons why being young makes it harder to build a business, but why not try on “I am young and have more time for this type of a business model to work for me” or “because I’m young I understand social media and can make that work for me”.

See how it works?

One mans excuse is another mans fuel. 

What is holding you back? 

How could that be your fuel for success?

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