What is a Bridge Plan in MLM and Network Marketing?

A bridge plan is basically when you offer someone who is new in their Network Marketing business extra funds for hitting certain requirements in their business. The idea in this investment is to free up more of their time so they can grow faster than they otherwise could!

This advanced network marketing bridge plan strategy is almost never talked about. I think the reason is because it’s a rare strategy to use and it can definitely be done in a disempowering or damaging way…

However bridge plans can also be an empowering, smart and sustainable strategy when set up correctly.

Typically a bridge plan is for someone that has a lot of vision and the skills necessary to build the business quickly. This can be a great strategy when you see people in your MLM team who are already having success but could definitely accomplish more with more incentive or extra funds to help them invest more time into the business.

This is different than buying a downline or buying an mlm team (which also does exist by the way). Investing into motivated people and real leadership will always be a good investment in my opinion. People are one of the main ‘leverage points’ in our business model. The more you can empower and motivate others to succeed, the more success you will have in return.

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