Should You Pay to Help People Get Started?

At some point in your network marketing career you are going to find someone who is super motivated and excited about your products or your business opportunity, but who absolutely does not have the money in their bank account or on a credit card to get started.

No first off, realize that 95% of people who give you the “I don’t have the money” excuse are lying… The truth is they just¬†haven’t seen how what you are offering is WORTH the money to them. .

But I’m talking about that guy who literally doesn’t have any money in his bank account. What do you do?

Well first let me tell you what not to do. Don’t do what I used to do…

I have had a few people in this boat in the past and to help them get started as soon as possible, I payed for their starter kit…

This has NEVER worked out like I had hoped, where after they just feel so grateful that they go out and just rock the network marketing profession.

Here is the truth about paying for people to get started in network marketing:

By paying for their starter kit or enrollment fee you are stealing the power from their potential story. What do I mean by this? Well at some point in that new persons network marketing experience they are going to have someone come to them and say “I want to get started so bad, but I literally do not have the money”. Which personal story would be more powerful for them to have and use:

Story 1: “Yeah I totally get where you’re at. I was there too. My upline payed for my starter kit, maybe we can figure something out to help you out…”


Story 2:¬†“Yeah I totally get where you’re at. I was there too. But I saw what this could do for my life and knew that it was worth the sacrifice so I went and sold _______ and _______ from my home to get started” or “so I went out knocking doors and found the money by selling _______” or even “I had to ask my parents to help me invest in my first shipment of products”

See how much more powerful story 2 is?!

If you pay for someone to get started not only will they not be as committed (less skin in the game so to speak), but you will be robbing them of the power that their future story could have to inspire and help others.

So what do you say to the money objection?

How about this: Share your version of story 2 and then say “If you really want this, I know you can figure out a way to make this happen. When you do and you meet people in your same boat in the future, your story will be absolutely inspirational to them. So how do you think we can come up with the money to get you started?” =)

That’s my take. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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