Stop Making This Mistake With Your Competition – MLM Success Tip

Hello my friends,

In this quick video training I share with you a mistake that I see SO many people making when it comes to their competition.

*** Also just FYI, most of these tips that I share with you are things that I have personally struggled with on my network marketing journey.

So what is this big mistake that many MLMers are making when it comes to their competition? They are spending far too much time focused on the competition and not enough focused on their own business. Every once in awhile I get people reaching out to me asking “hey did you see what _______ company is doing?” or “did you know that _______ companies comp plan has this?”

And here’s what’s funny guys. The people who I see doing this, are almost always the people who are not getting the results they want in their business…. Could there be a correlation? Absolutely!

Understand that if you have a strong belief in your products, if you know the products are changing lives, focus on that! Go out and tell that story! Stop trying to compare every ingredient and business strategy to your competition.

Understand that if you have a strong belief in your opportunity, you know that people are making money in your company, focus on that! Go out and tell that story! You don’t need to compare a binary to a unilevel or talk about how your company pays out 1% more than its competitors because of this and that.

In short my friends, don’t give your competition the satisfaction of distracting you! Don’t give them the seo and social love by spending time watching their videos and reading their posts etc…

Of course if you’re not happy where you’re at. Maybe go look.

But if you believe in what you have. If you love where you’re at. Spend your time focused on building and promoting what you LOVE! FOCUS is how you win. =)