Super Simple and Super Effective Network Marketing Closing Script


Have you ever reached the end of a presentation and been nervous to approach people about signing up or purchasing product? Well in today’s video training, I share with you a very simple yet effective network marketing closing script. If you’re in MLM you’re going to want to know this script.


It really comes down to one question and a follow up phrase.

“What did you like most about what you saw?” 

[talk about what they liked]


“It sounds to me like you’re ready to get started.” 


A couple really important things to remember are to focus on the positive and not say things like “what did you think?”.  You don’t want to give people a reason to invent criticism, and for some reason humans naturally start to look for the negative when invited to evaluate something and give their opinion. If they’ve really enjoyed the presentation why encourage them to invent concerns? Keep the conversation positive.


Also make sure to listen to the video, and how I say the last phrase of the close.  Ending on a downward tone, will show confidence and strength as you boldly invite them to step up and step into your offer.


If you like trainings like this, be sure to let me know in the comments below or in a private message.  I don’t memorize a lot of Scripts, but I have found that in my network marketing business if I have a few powerful questions and phrases memorized, it brings a ton of confidence! Have a great day!



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