Where are you putting your focus in your business, the ART or the SCIENCE?

Over time you are going to master both of these aspects of building a network marketing business but if you focus at the wrong time on the wrong activities you are going to slow down your success.

So what is the difference between the art and the science of building your network marketing business?

The SCIENCE of building your network marketing business is really where 90% of people should be putting all of their focus. This is mastering the activities that produce income and start building the momentum in your team. These are things like you personally inviting people to learn about your products or opportunity, teaching home events or 1 on 1’s, signing people up, etc…

Most people start to think that after they get a handful of people signed up they can just mentor and support those people and that their business is going to take off. The truth is however that the faster you can personally fill your team with motivated customers and builders, the faster your momentum will grow. The speed of the pack is determined by the speed of it’s leader.¬†And we all know that people watch your feet, not your lips!

This is also why the science is never going to go away for you. You should ALWAYS be bringing new people into your business, no matter what level of success you have reached.

The ART of building your network marketing business is learning how to be a leader, grow a culture within your group, effectively mentor, invest properly into your people etc…

These high level activities and more will be so important for you to reach the upper levels of success in your company. We should all be working on the art of building our business, Just make sure you are focused at the right time on the right types of activities and make sure that that science aspect never goes away. You are a PRODUCER =)