The Best Way to Build Your Network Marketing Business Internationally

Over the last three years our business has grown from where we live in Utah to span over most of the United States and about 20 different countries internationally.

From day 1 of building our network marketing business we knew that we wanted to have an international team. We’ve traveled to different countries to start teams, generated leads online, and a few other things to try to stretch the reach of our business and team. But do you know what has been the most effective way of all?

Growing locally!

Now, I know that might seem counterintuitive but it really is the best way. You have the most control over how your business grows in your local area. If you focus your efforts on growing as fast and strong as you can locally, you’ll naturally see your team start to expand geographically. Sometimes we don’t really grasp how many connections our local community has to different parts of the world.

As you share your products and opportunity locally you’ll organically grow a global organization. Now i’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to expand your reach. I think intention is a powerful thing. But realize that with or without it being a focus. It WILL happen over time 😉

Grow local to go global!