The One Thing That is More Important Than Learning

Learning, progression, personal development, personal growth, these things are SO important to success in Network Marketing. You cannot and will not cross the stage as a top performer in your company without learning some new skills and growing as an individual. I am so passionate about learning because I understand that the only way to get better results is to serve the world on a larger scale and the only way to serve on a larger scale is to grow yourself. We learn through osmosis. Personal development happens so much faster when you are continually investing in yourself and learning.

That being said, the one thing that is more important than learning and doing personal development is IMPLEMENTATION! You see, knowledge is not power like we have always been told. Knowledge + proper implementation = power/success/whatever you want to call it. =)

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Am I investing enough time into learning how to become better and do what I do BETTER?
  2. Am I implementing the things I am learning?

Have a wonderful day my friends and I’ll see you soon. =)