Hello my friends!

How are you doing? I hope you’re having a beautiful and productive monday morning =)

In today’s video I talk about two different kinds of revenue you will receive from your network marketing experience. Both are really good, but one is a more powerful source of motivation. At the end of the day you want both of these types of revenue pouring into your business.

Financial Revenue

This is simply your financial earnings from your business. Of course this should be a motivation and of course it is going to feel good to have more financial success in your life.

Understand that a LOT of people have blocks and negative beliefs about money. Have you ever caught yourself talking negatively about people that work hard and have a lot of money? Well realize that you will never be what you despise. You will never have what you think negatively about. I encourage you to take a good look at any beliefs you might have about money.

Money is really just an amplifier. If you are a good person, you will be a better person with more money. If you are a nasty person, you will be an even more nasty person with more money. Are you a good person? Than I want you to have more money in your life. =)

Emotional Revenue

This is the revenue that will leave you really fulfilled. Building this business is incredibly rewarding. The feeling you have knowing that you’ve impacted someones life in a profound way feels amazing. This might be because of your companies products and the┬átestimonials people share with you, or the success of your business builders.

In the beginning of your business, this is honestly the revenue that will carry you through the beginning stages. Because you are building a residual income, you probably won’t get paid (financially) what you feel like you are worth in the beginning.

Look for the emotional revenue in your business and keep doing the activities that produce those feel goods. =)
Emotional revenue will very likely lead to an increase in your financial revenue.

I hope you enjoyed thinking about these two types of revenue in your business. Keep working hard and you’ll experience both types in absolute abundance. You deserve it! Go earn it!